Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Outdoor and Wordless Wednesday

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Thank you Susan!

A sunny day at the Pheonix zoo! 
Last week I went to the zoo with my son, DIL and grandkids. It was such a beautiful Arizona day, a comfortable 78 degrees and the people and the animals were all so happy!


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  1. I have always loved zoos. Such great pics! And is that the Dick and Jane reader? I loved it in elemntary school.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  2. I have had this book in my possession for 50 years!
    Wow,do I feel old now...
    Yes, its an original Dick and Jane Reader.


  3. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Rainey

    Beautiful pictures of the zoo...hope you and the grandkids had a great memory filled day!

    Thanks for sharing your photos.


  4. What a great collage from the zoo. That book is bringing back some memories from long, long ago :0)
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you!

  5. We used to live in AZ and we were at the zoo one evening. My husbands co. had a beautiful set up with all the lights on and we had the whole place to ourselves. It was fantastic. You brought back some great memories.
    Thank you
    Love Claudie
    P.S. I do not use my blogger acc

  6. I love the Phoenix zoo. I used to live in Az and I would take my girls all the time with my mom and dad on Sundays and then off to early dinner. Good memories. Thanks for sharing, I loved your pictures and the grandkids won't forget. Maryrose

  7. Someday I hope to learn how to make a collage in photoshop. I am a beginner right now. Wonderful photos of the zoo. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  8. My son has raved about that zoo, I wish I was in AZ right now. Love the book, I also started reading on Dick and Jane's, guess I'm old too! cindy

  9. Thank you for sharing these pics. I always had lots of fun when we took our grandchildren to the zoo, it is such a wonderful experience just looking at the wonder on their faces.
    I love old children's book, and have many, I learned to read with Dick& Jane.

  10. Lovely! Zoo pictures are always so fun and entertaining!

    Have a great Wednesday,

  11. Love you Zoo Collage. And that book takes me back to my first school days.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
    from Roberta Anne

  12. Your photos are great - like the collage. I remember the Dick and Jane Readers. :)
    Thanks for stopping by. No, the shells did not come with the bowl.

  13. Looks like you had a great time at the zoo. The last time we were there was Mother's Day and we all nearly collapsed from the heat. So this is, indeed, a great time of year to visit.

    Love the Dick and Jane books!

    All the best, Lana

  14. Loved your photo collage of the trip to the zoo...looks like good times!

  15. That was a sweet collage of your zoo day. I can't believe 78degrees! Thats almost summer weather, oops I forgot you are in Phoenix.

    Kathy b

  16. Thanks so much for your visit & nice comments...You did a great job of your outdoor mosaic of photos...while I was here I scrolled down & checked other posts...LOVE your pool! I jumped on board as one of your followers & I'm adding you to my bloglist so I can visit often! ;-) Bo

  17. I love your photo collage from the zoo! Really nice job. And that book really brings back memories. Thanks for the visit and sweet comment. Kathy

  18. Lovely collage of zoo pics. And oh my .. I am OLD. I remember that reader from 1st grade. Oy.


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