Thursday, March 5, 2009

Foodie Friday!

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Since I have been on the subject of fruit trees this week I wanted to post some photos from last summer. I didn't know Peaches grew here in Arizona... but move over Georgia cause we have peaches too... In fact last year was a bumper crop (2008) of peaches!

I went peach picking with my family at a farm not 3 miles from my home. 
Brought them home  and made Jam... 
I have one jar left... 
Just in time to enjoy before peach season rolls around again this June.
(Sometimes we don't get peaches though it depends on Mother Nature)

Peaches heavy on the trees

You can eat all you want while picking.
 We did...

Sorted and washed... 
ready to blanch... 
peel and slice.

Cooking down with the sugar and pectin...

Filling the jars with the fresh golden jam.

Hot water bath for the jars of jam.

Hot water bath for my pots... 
Thanks to Hubby 
for cleaning up my messes.

Rainey's Organic Peach Jam 2008
(the peaches, sugar and pectin were all organic)

And a Fresh loaf of honey wheat bread
 to enjoy the first bite of Jam.

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~*Really Rainey*~


  1. Oh Girl this looks so YUMMY!! I bet this were be wonderful over Vanilla Ice cream also..I use to made jams and its alot of work..thanks for sharing..and Happy FOODIE Firday to you...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. The only thing better than homemade jam is homemade bread to put it on -- my mouth was watering!

  3. OH can those be shipped!!! Man that looks so good - YUMMO! We have a peach tree in our yard. Last year we got 1 count them 1 peach from our tree. But it was the BEST peach I ever tasted!! We are hoping for more this year. But our harvest doesn't come until late are so lucky to have them now. I am so jealous!!! Cute blog page glad you posted it on FB!! Love You

  4. They look so good, Rainey. And I know what hard work it is.

    Have A Really Fun Friday
    from Roberta Anne

  5. This brings back some good memories for me...beautiful post

  6. Yummy peaches for today! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Happy FF!

  7. There is nothing more satisfying than jam and bread. The poets have written about it, and this is a wonderful ode to the peach. We planted a tree and last summer, we picked the tiniest peaches. I love to can; I used to be horrified of exploding pots, but Dr. Gollum is so good at these things, and he walked me through it. This was back in 1992. LOL We are putting in a garden soon, and I can't wait.
    I hope you will do more Foodie Friday posts about the canning process.

  8. That looks good! I have never made jams, jelly, etc.

  9. So pretty and it really looks delicious! :)

  10. Wow...those peaches really look many in the stores have no taste and they are sky high in price. I admire you for making your own jam AND bread! ;-) Bo

  11. ooo send me one jar...,yum...looks sooooo good!

  12. Now this looks wonderful! I can almost taste that yummy looking jam. :)

    Have a great weekend!


  13. Oh my goodness. I love peaches and these photos really make my mouth water. I've never seen prettier peaches.

  14. Now you've gone and tols on yourself.Now i know who to ask canning advice from.tee hee...ann


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