Monday, March 16, 2009

When The Lavender Blooms

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When the lavender starts to bloom in my yard I trim and cut it all the time making sure it will bloom and grow again and again...
Then I start making the lavender things that I use, and give away as gifts the rest of the year... There is always so much lavender!
I grow different varieties. But they all are wonderful and its such a relaxing scent.
Here are some of the things I make with lavender:

Luxurious Lavender soap

Lovely Lavender Sachets

Lavender Wands

I don't have any photos of these yet this year but I also make:

*Bath Tea bags - lavender buds in tea bags. Just add to the tub.

*Dryer bags- Lavender bags that you add to the dryer. The heat and moisture of the dryer release the lavender scent... I use these on my towels.

*Fire Starters~ ALL the clippings that come from my lavender plants are saved separately, dried, and tied together in little bundles... during the spring we have an outdoor fire in our metal fire pit and I add the little bundles to start the fire or during a fire... The scent is intoxicating!

And if I have time I make my own homemade Lavender essential oil and Lavender water.

Here is a tutorial of how to make a Lavender Wand to use in drawers, closets, the bathroom and laundry room or where ever!

*Cut about 12 to 15 long stems of fresh lavender buds. You will also need a spool of 1/4 inch ribbon and a spool of 1/2 inch ribbon, you choice of colors!

*Make a bouquet and tie a knot right up to the stems.

*Put bouquet in the sun to wilt for at least 20 minutes. Allowing the stems to wilt make them more pliable for what you are about to do.

*Bend stems over the heads of the lavender for form a little cage and tie it off with ribbon.

* Then starting at the top, weave the ribbion using the over under method in and out of the stems that are wrapped around the buds. I do mine kind of sloppy because thats the look I like... but you can make them also very tight and neat...
*Trim then wrap the stems in ribbon...

*Volia! A Very old fashioned, but fresh Lavender wand.

"The old quiet, the old comfort of home. Not a sound but that of pattering rain in the still night. As always, the room smelt of lavender, blended with that indescribable fragrance which comes of extreme cleanliness in an old country house."

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  1. Rainey,
    That is just wonderful. How much do you grow and how hard is it? I've heard growing lavender is quite difficult. Cindy

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    I guess it depends on where you live as to the amount of difficulty growing... but I find it quite easy to grow... all varieties. The english and the french variety. I don't grow fields of it, but I have plants of lavender all over my very small yard... (It tends to pop up in different places here and there cause I let some of it go to seed) I would guess I have about 5 or so plants and I am able to do all of the projects with just those plants.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Lavender dryer bags for drying towels is a great idea - I've never heard of that before.
    FYI, please check out my site about lavender

  4. I so loved your step by step, inspirational instruction for the lavender goodies! So many new ideas!!!

  5. I've been blessed with a bar of Rainey's lavender soap and it is FABULOUS!!!!! Thanks for sharing us with the step by step process!! Once it warms up I will have to try this....thank you!

  6. Not only is the flower pretty, so are your products. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.
    Thanks for visiting, and your suggestion on the light box.

  7. Thanks Kelly! I'll send you a fresh bar once its dried and wrapped.

    Thanks Helen and Glenda!

  8. I am so envious of your beautiful lavender! It's not as easy to grow here in the midwest but I keep trying ;) I have found the best success growing it right next to our stone walk. They probably like the additional heat.

    Thank so much for the tutorial on the lavender wand - what a beautiful idea. Your soap must smell heavenly!

  9. great tips and ideas for lavender.
    Never knew you could use this in the dryer.

    My granny had lavender planted near the clothes line- and it always seemed to make the sheets and towels smell sweeter.

  10. How lucky are you to grow your own lavender. I can smell it now!

  11. I love the lavender wand. What a beautiful gift for someone special.
    Your blog is so pretty. Stop by sometime...julie

  12. WOW -- Those look amazing. I love lavender too, but I particularly love what you have done with it. Each of those products are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing and linking to the Bragfest. Great projects -- I am going to plant some lavender this year and hope that it grows here in the midwest

  13. absolutely beautiful! I can smell it from here! ...great tutorial. I hopped in from Bobbypins Boardwalk and am so happy that I did. I would love to have you drop in at my place one day soon. until later...

  14. I'm doing some whimpering as I read this post. I ADORE lavender. I've been trying to get it to take at my house. As a massage therapist, I use lavender essential oil as a way to welcome my clients into the space and comfort/calm the senses. Oh, how I wish it grew in the abundance it seems to where you live!! Your projects are gorgeous....I especially love the wand. I've never seen anything like that before.

  15. I've loved lavender ever since I was a little girl. This is a great and informative post. Thank you.

  16. Forgot to tell you that I highlighted you marvelous lavender when the links were back up!


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