Sunday, May 31, 2009

Met Monday & Mosaic Monday 6-1-09

Thank you Susan for hosting Met Monday... 
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So this week its a very simple
presto change-o project.
I metamorphosed a letter holder 
into a hair products holder!
I bought this blue letter holder at Ross
for this ridiculous price:


Decided it was a bit too bright blue for me...

So I took a rag and some glaze and 
in 10 minutes the letter holder fit my style.

Only I'm not using it as a letter holder... 
It hangs in my bathroom for things I need on hand.


I am also participating in 
Mosaic Monday this week... 
I LOVE Photo mosaics!
This is hosted by 
VIsit Mary's blog for the other mosaics. 
They are incredible!
Here is my contribution
Its called:
Toes in the Sand

Thank you for visiting 
The Project Table!
~Really Rainey~


  1. Great deal Rainey.. loved the blue.. but LOVE the presto chango addition of the glaze.

  2. Oh I love that letter holder re-use idea! Fabulous! And what a great sandy mosaic!!

  3. The blues are beautiful...and the mosaic made me smile, what great photos!

  4. I love your beach pictures and the condo, it looks like you had some fun! Mary @ Boogieboard Cottage :O)

  5. Love the change in the color and what a creative use of a letter holder. It's perfect in the bathroom. Just lovely. Hugs, Marty

  6. Fun mosaic :) I loved what you did to the letter holder. Great idea, came out so nice!

  7. Hi Rainey, what a great idea and I much prefer the letter holder the way you used it and how you changed it. Love your mosaic, is there anything better than walking in the sand barefooted :-), happy Monday, Kathy.

  8. Great idea on the letter holder, far more functional now. Love the color!...Christine

  9. what a great use for a letter holder and like the makeover on it, i absolutely adore your mosaic picture.

  10. Now that is a great Before and After. I love it! And I loved your cute, cute, cute. Those pics would be so cute framed and hanging somewhere. Thx for sharing!

  11. Now aren't you the smartest one! I love this! You'll probably get more use out of it like this than a mail holder! Love the change of color too!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelai ;0

  12. Great idea - love what you did to the letter holder.

  13. Great transformation- amazing what a little stain or glaze can do! Your mosiac is the cutest one today! ~ Robyn

  14. fun day at the beach.. water, sand and sun! bliss! great mosaic

  15. Oh, I just love getting my toes in the sand!! Great mosaic!!


  16. We really liked what you did to the letter box.Great idea:)Great sandy mosaic.

  17. All of my projects nag at me to finish them up. What a great idea for posting your's...almost like keeping one accountable to finish them; although, I tried that too and I still have a bedroom wall upstairs with an unfinished castle on it :(

    Oh well...maybe by the time I can finish it up, the boys will have already painted over it (probably not). My oldest is the treasure keeper in the family...he probably will never want it painted over :o).

    Now..enough of my rambling!! I loved your comment on my mosaic post today; bringing a tear to my eye (yeah...I can be a happy emotional often).

    I love your mosaic!!!! And how you've shared your project. I am going to link to you on my photos blog today!

    Love and blessings to you (oh, and your screen name makes me smile...)

  18. Great use for that letter holder. So clever.

  19. cannot think of a better place for toes ~ mosaics is so refreshing this week!

  20. I love that and it fits your hair products so perfectly and I love the glaze on it.

    The Raggedy Girl

  21. Hi Rainey, I love how you've repurposed the letter holder. A little bit of glaze makes so much difference. :) And your mosaic is totally wonderful!!! What a cute theme! Thanks for joining the fun. :)

  22. Love the letter holder's new life and new look -- great creative use! And what could be more summer than bare feet in sand? Lovely mosaic!

  23. What a great idea! gotta love a deal and some paint and glaze;) French

  24. You did a wonderful job with your project!

    I want to run my tootsies, through your mosaic water.
    ; )

  25. What great shots of sand between the toes. Boy I sure could go for some of that.

    Blessings - Debbie

  26. Hi! Just came back to tell you that you were right about the wallpaper, it's grasscloth. Thanks for coming...Christine

  27. What a great deal!! I love what you did with the letter holder. Very creative...and beautiful!

    Did I see that you're in AZ? I grew up in Chandler. Please answer my question swiftly. I would hate to pull out my "lamp". Haha! You're cool!!

  28. I moved from one desert to another. I remember Queen Creek. I had a good friend that lived there...a super long time ago. Target and WalMart are more than enough to make me happy!! Enjoy your swim. =)

  29. What a great idea for your project!!! It trned out sooo great!!!

    The mosaic is darling!!! All of those cute little toes in the sand...precious!!!

    I became a follower of yours today and am looking forward to many more visits!!!

    Have a wonderful MM!!!

  30. OH my gosh - you are sooo pickin' creative! Love the letter holder idea - you betcha I'm gonna steal it :-) And the pictures of the "toes" so cute!!!

  31. Fun mosaic and great job on the catchall!

  32. Great use for the letter holder. I love it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great day

  33. Luv the letter holder transformation. You are very creative. It looks lovely in the bath!

  34. Very clever, turning a letter holder into a bathroom caddy! Cute summery mosaic too!

  35. I'm here for Mosaic Monday and just love the photos in your mosaic. And I also enjoyed seeing your project for Metamorphosis Monday, too! Great work and thank you. ~Arleen

  36. Three things I know about you:

    1)You have the gift of encouragment.
    2)You're incredibly creative and talented.
    3)You're nice!!

    I look forward to your blog posts!

    I'm going to the college to hear my youngest daughter sing in her voice class. Hopefully, her instructor will let me video tape so I can share my little songbird with my blogger friends.

    Whatever is on your agenda today, I hope you have a very special day filled with laughter and tender moments with those precious to you!


  37. Fun mosaic! I am really inspired by the holder you made for your hair things. I was just thinking I needed to get my "stuff" off the sink counter. Thanks for the inspiration. You have a neat blog! ~Kathy

  38. Oh I LOVE it! What is the color of the stain?

  39. Hello... sweet! Now that's thinking outside of the box! What a pretty holder and at just $3.99 you can't go wrong!!! I love how you transformed it with just a little's so much prettier!!! What a pretty way to have your hair styling products close at hand!

    Love your beach mosaic!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  40. Love what the glaze did to the color. I must try me some glaze. And I love that you are using it in your bathroom to hold beauty supplies. You people are just too creative for me.

  41. Great job and idea ! I always see those boxes and wonder what to do with !
    Hugs ~ Kammy


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