Thursday, September 10, 2009

Foodie Friday, Fall Cloche Party & Hooked on Friday! 9/11/09

Colorful roasted Carrots!
This is one of two ways that I cook carrots...
This one is especially nice for Fall meals...
Although we are still enjoying triple digit weather
and the pool daily and nightly.

These are so easy... and a colorful side dish
Fresh Carrots
Balsamic vinegar
Agave Nectar
Fresh cracked pepper

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Chop carrots on the diagonal and mix
Agave and balsamic vinegar to taste...

Sprinkle with fresh cracked pepper

Bake in roaster pan for about 45 minutes...

And serve...


Thanks Miss "G" for being the lovely hostess that she is...
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My Three Cloches

Finally the Fall Cloche Party is here...
I have been waiting for this to show off my new Cloches.
I didn't even know what they were till the last Cloche Party Marty hosted.
To see more interesting Cloches

This is my garlic roaster, but it also looks like a cloche.

I love roasted garlic...
I make it all the time and use it on
most everything that needs garlic.



And this weeks
Hooked on Friday's
I Just want to Never forget where I was that day.
Even as painful and frightening as it was.
That day changed America forever...
Some changes for the good tho...
It brought us together, stronger...
Brought God back to the forefront of our homes and voices...
And the American Flag and our American spirit into full view for the world to see.
Thank you Julia for hosting Hooked on Friday's
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~Really Rainey~


  1. The carrots sounds real nice.I do a variation on it by adding some fresh grated ginger on them and some orange juice of some honey.
    The fall cloches are lovely.

  2. Love your garlic roaster-Who said a cloche has to be clear?? Thanks for the reminder and tribute. I too hope we never forget and wish our country could feel that united and galvanized again.

  3. that dish looks yummy! great post today!

  4. Pretty cloches! The carrots look good - now I am hungry. :)

  5. Oh Rainey!
    What a collection. First I loved the carrots, they look delish. I love the cloches (3) small ones, where did you find them? I am wanting a small one too. Loved the reminder of Sept. 11th. What a beautiful tribute. Very nice honey. Just beautiful. Please stop by and see my cloche collection. I would so love to share. Country hugs, Sherry

  6. Oh the carrots sound sooooo good. What a great recipe. I will definitely try it. Your three cloches are one of my favorites. I love the tall stems and they look so pretty with all the small gourds and pumpkins in them for fall. Thanks also for remembering the meaning of today. It will always make us stop and give thanks for our Lord and his protection and to remember the ones that were lost. Hugs, Marty

  7. What a terrific post today. I loved your carrot recipe and your reminder and commemoration of 9-11. I hope you are having a terrific day.

  8. What an excellent post! Thank you for the carrot goodness. :)

  9. your cloches are so beautiful and thank you for that carrot recipe. I really like carrots and hardly ever fix them. I will try that recipe for sure. Have a great weekend. ~

  10. great post...I'd like to try the roasted carrots.

  11. oh those carrots look delish.. and who can resist warm sweet roasted garlic- yum!

  12. I gotta try these carrots! They look delicious. Great post!

  13. I gotta try these carrots! They look delicious. Great post!

  14. I love your spot in the world here....and the display with these yummy carrots is.....inviting....

    thanks for stopping by too :-)

    have a great weekend...lylah

  15. I love those cloches! The squash are a perfect fall touch. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Very pretty cloches!!

    The carrots look good too!

    And yes..never forget 9/11...I know I never will..seems like yesterday..all the funerals we attended...

  17. Also, love your three cloches with the autumn gourds underneath. Just perfectly displayed and arranged.

  18. The carrot recipe looks great! I am going to try this. Someone gave me a HUGE bottle of balsamic vinegar and all I have made with it is salad dressing!!

    Love those cloches, very pretty in that lighting. And I have a garlic roaster like that too! I actually need one 3X the size!!

    Your tribute to 9/11 is beautiful and greatly apprecaited. The picture with the beams of light and the lit Statue of Liberty always makes me get goosebumps.

    Great post, Rainey!


  19. Mmmmmm, yummy! I going to cook up that carrot recipe. It looks and sounds so good. Thanks for sharing. Thank you for the post on 9-11 also. It was beautiful. I hope we never forget what our country went through that day and the brave Americans who lost their lives. I'm going to post tomorrow on how my family spent the evening remembering 9-11. Thanks for visiting my site.

  20. Your set of three cloches is so pretty. Very nice display.

  21. What a packed Friday. Love teh carrots and I also did a 9/11 remembrance on one of my blogs. I was in NYC eight years ago for the attacks. It's hard to forget but the city is healing. Back to cooking...I hope you'll stop by my little recipe swap and share this:

  22. Yum! I just got back from watching the movie Julie & Julia, and I'm so full of inspiration to cook just like her! I will definitely make this carrot recipe... Love your cloche collection.

    Never forget!

  23. Your cloche display is just fantastic! You have captured fall beautifully.

  24. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the back splash I showed for Pink Saturday. i thought it divine!

    I am so glad you shared that photo & jogged all our minds & memories about 9-11 & I hope that no one in this country forgets it!!!! It did indeed change this country. What a wound on our countries soul. Have a wonderful week & I hope it cools off for you soon. Our weather seems to have broken with a cool front & finally RAIN!!! Our stock ponds at the farm have been dry cracked mud all summer.

  25. The carrots look delish! And your cloches are lovely. Thank you for the reminder of what we lost...and what we gained on 9/11. I pray that Americans NEVER forget that day.

    Jane (artfully graced)

  26. well ive never heard of a cloche, but yours sure look adorable! Those carrots look super tasty, thanks for the recipe!

  27. . . . and I just seeded more red core carrots yesterday and ones from 2 weeks ago have popped up in my potager.....such a great way to prepare them.

    hope your weekend is going well!

    la maison et la jardin


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