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OutDoor Wednesday 11/18/09

A visit to the Phoenix Zoo with the family

Some of you know and some of you might not know, my hubby Mike is a 4 year liver transplant recipient. Our Son Scott was the living donor. They both checked into the Mayo Clinic Hospital the same morning... They took our Son in first and took 60 % of his beautiful healthy liver and sewed him up and sent him to intensive care then took in my Husband Mike and totally took out his damaged liver and put our son's 60% piece into Mike. As soon as the Doc.'s hooked it up it started working perfectly... In the coming weeks, Scott's would regenerate rather rapidly and the piece in Mike from our Son would grow to a healthy size and after 2 months both Father and Son's livers would be normal size. Amazing isn't it?
What has THIS got to do with Our Door Wednesday?
Well every year the Mayo Clinic Hospital sponsors a reunion. This year they heald it at the Phoenix zoo! They had a BBQ for us then set us loose at the zoo! We had a great time and it was a beautiful day!

The luckiest man who received part of his son's liver...

Mike with two of our grandchildren

Everyone petting the amazing sting ray's at Sting Ray Bay

The sting rays are healthy, happy and playful and very soft.

This sting ray was eating a shrimp from my fist.

It was a beautiful day and celebration of happiness and wellness.

UPDATE on Agave Plant:

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Today the bloom stalk is 6 feet high and growing every day!

I took a photo with Hubby standing next to it and he is 6 feet tall.

I also took this photo of the first look at the blooms emerging.

A neighbor told me that I won't lose the whole plant, just the part that the bloom stalk is coming from... the ones at the feet of the mother plant will continue to thrive... Whew...
Here is a photo of the children at the feet of the Mother Agave that is going to bloom.

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  1. Oh My Goodness,
    What a wonderful story about your DH and Son. That he was able to share this piece of himself to give his Dad a continued life. What a wonderful gift of true love. It so touched my heart sweetie. That is just precious, and the Phoenix Zoo is such a wonderful place to visit. My DH and I have a yearly membership that we have all of the grandkids listed on, and we go and visit the zoo. It is so much fun. The little pedal bikes they have now are just a hoot. You can actually get a work out and have a great time while you are there.

    I can't wait to see the bloom on your agave plants. I have some really large ones, but none have bloomed in all of the years that I have had them. I keep waiting.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story of love. Country hugs..Sherry

  2. Good Morning, Rainey!

    Since I am very new to your place here, I did not know about your husbands health. I must say how dear it was to read the up-lifting story about the transplant from son to father. How wonderful that they are both doing well and how amazing that both livers work perfectly!

    Great reunion day at the zoo! There must have been lots of joy there.

    So nice stopping by!
    Kindly, ldh

  3. Oh I can't imagine how pretty they are when those blooms open up. So lucky of your hubby to have a generous soon and amazing how it works. I am so happy for all of you, Rainey!...Christine

  4. First, that is such great news about the hubby.

    And next, I will hopefully be meeting him next time I visit Mom... I was so upset to realize you live just a few miles from where I was visiting. I already have next years visit planned, and will be putting a blogger get together on the agenda. Lunch at the Olive Mill would be great, but I may alter the dates a bit to visit your place before Halloween gets packed up. I still remember all the fun stuff you did.

    So, next year we have a date (bring your mister and I'll bring my wife (and maybe my mother))!

  5. What a special bond there must be between father and son. It must have been so hard for you to watch them both go into surgery. There is no greater gift. It is fun watching your plant, I'm glad you won't lose it all.


  6. Glad to know our husband and son did so well. Soundss like a fun day full of memories. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What an amazing story! A true Thanksgiving blessing for all of you, regardless of when it occurred.

    The agave plant is very interesting...I had no idea how they grew. Thanks for sharing!

  8. WOW has it been 4 years already!?!? WOW!! That is crazy! Glad to see they are both doing well! Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget your grandson was a donor too :-) Love to you during this Holiday Season!

  9. Wow! Touching and amazing story. Truly something to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving! Love your agave plant. Can't wait to see the open bloom.


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