Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A cold rainy day in arizona ~ Out Door Wednesday

The rain is nice once in a while...
We, here in the Valley of the Sun are enjoying a few days of much needed rain...

My neighbor is having a really rough time of it right now...
So I take her and her hubby soup once a week...
She is going through chemo and she is just so down and tired...
Soup is good for the soul...
Good soup gets right down in there...
So I try to bring her healthy, easy to digest and comforting soup.
This week my garden is kicking out some pretty greens...
Onions I set out last year...
Bok Choy, parsley, garlic chives...
Not much, but I don't need much for this simple, healthy soup.

So I picked and washed greens from my garden. Brought home the chicken carcass from dinner the night before at my in-laws, purified water, spices, a handful of orzo and my fresh greens and made my "Spring Green Chicken Orzo soup" Its not only delicious, its healthy and pretty!

I baked some biscuits and bundled it up cozy and put it in the basket. I opened my HUGE golf umbrella and dashed across the street for my weekly delivery...

Use Spring green anything... from the market or your garden even those dandelions that are popping up everywhere... pick them before hubby sprays them! Those leaves are precious healthy goodness!

Rainey's Spring Green Chicken Orzo Soup
1 small roasted chicken carcass
8 cups of spring or purified water
Sea salt to taste (add a generous amount while simmering the carcass)
1 finely diced carrot (I didn't have one but I usually add one)
1 stalk + leaves of finely diced celery

1 small handful Bok Choy (or not) - julienned
1 small bunch of finely diced: parsley, chives, green onion
1/2 tea Season All
1/2 cup orzo
Really just add to taste some of these ing, if you don't have them don't worry! Its soup!

Gently simmer the chicken carcass with the salt and carrot and celery till a good tasting broth is achieved. Pull out carcass and strip the remaining meat off and add it to the pot. Now add your orzo and let it simmer for 15 minutes... then add the rest of the greens but don't over cook those... Just simmer till its just so delicious you can't stand it and have to have a cup right then and there!

And go ahead, its important that you stay healthy so you can care for others.

I'm linking up with Susan's OutDoor Wednesday because its raining outside, and I went outside to pick greens and I went outside to deliver soup to a neighbor...

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~Really Rainey~


  1. Soup is such a great gift for folks in that condition... You are a saint for this... great presentation, and BTW, of course you are invited!

  2. What a wonderful thing for you to do!! Soup IS good for the soul!!

  3. That looks and sounds so good. I know your neighbor must really appreciate what you are doing for her.

  4. You are a good friend. She must be so grateful and there is nothing better than chicken soup. This looks delicious.


  5. Wow, your the best neighbor!!!

    Love that first shot. Rain is beautiful!

  6. It looks so GREEN outside and veggies from the garden already - I am so jealous.

    How sweet you are to make homemade soup for you neighbor! It looks delicious.

  7. Your soup looks so spring. You are a very good neighbor:)

  8. Your image makes me almost like rain. Lovely! You are so sweet to help your neighbor.
    Joyce M

  9. What a great idea! I think I shall make your soup for my next delivery to my neighbor. She too is not doing well and I try to do what I can to help. My sons joke that they are drug dealers because they take turns picking up her prescriptions for her! I love your first photo!

    ~ Tracy

  10. What a sweet friend you are with a delicious soup!


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