Thursday, March 25, 2010

Foodie Friday!

The beauty and bounty of South Padre Island
for the dinner table...

Hubby went fishing and brought home two beautiful Red Snapper...

Hubby cut off the head off one of them so I could filet it for fish tacos...

Beautiful filets for the grill...

This one I stuffed with lime and parsley, poured olive oil and white wine over it and steamed it on the grill...

On the grill: The whole fish is steamed... the other grilled.

Then we visited the local farmers market where I met Suzanne and Bud from Acacia Farms where they grow better than organic fruits and Vegetables, without chemicals and pesticides for a healthier lifestyle here in Texas.

Their Produce is incredible!

Have you seen or tasted black radishes?
Delicious crispy a little spicy... Healthy.

We had a lovely salad with homemade Ranch dressing...

One of the freshest dinners I have had in a long time!

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~Really Rainey~


  1. Fish tacos sound so good. We won't be seeing fresh, homegrown produce like that here for a wile yet.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. The photo of the radishes is gorgeous! I would like to hang that one in my kitchen.

  3. After all these years and growing up with fishermen, I can't remove the head of a fishy. The men have to do it. (Yes, and I have an RN degree.) Sounds like ya'll are having a wonderful time. I hope you will consider entering the picture of the radishes in the food photo contest (Foodie Friday). It's gorgeous!

  4. You are singing my song! I am just so envious! I love radishes but have never heard of a black one. Thanks for the great post and beautiful pictures.

  5. those farmers should be worshiped and adored... or at least spotlighted on a foodie blog.... great job with the fish as well

  6. The Red Snappers looks so wonderful.....yummo! I have never seen Black Radishes....sounds great. All that fresh produce, you are so lucky. Have fun:)

  7. Hi Rainey,

    Everything looks absolutely delicious! I like the way you garnished the fish for the photographs during the various stages of preparation. Really eye-catching (I guess the "beheading" shot was the MOST eye catching!). ;)

    Have a great weekend!


  8. That fish sure looks delicious....who DOESn't love fish on the grill! I haven't been to Padre in a while, but will have to look for that farmers market. The black radishes are cool.

  9. Now that is fish at its freshest! What a wonderful meal with that gorgeous fresh produce.


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