Saturday, October 8, 2011

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

That's what they called it. The folks over at Cooks Illustrated. They were good... I'll give em that. However they were a little more difficult to make, more labor intensive and only made a dozen and a half.
So here is the recipe... I'm not sure I'll make them again... I like a more "cakey" cookie but the taste was certainly there. Chewy texture and the browned butter gave the cookies a caramel flavor which I loved! I also found the best chocolate chips through this article. I'll not go back to Toll House Chips again.

The jury is still out on the cookies being "Perfect" but the chocolate chips ROCK!

Ghiradelli Bittersweet came in FIRST place at the Cooks Illustrated test kitchen.

They did indeed! I'll not go back to Toll House ever. 

These melt in your mouth with no "cheap halloween candy" taste!

Here's how mine came out... Golden and chewy.

I love the carmel flavor from the "browned butter".

~Enjoy Life~


  1. I just made chocolate chip cookies with these chips last weekend and I will not ever go back to Toll House either! They were major delicious!

  2. Love your opening photo! I haven't found the special chips yet - can't wait to get my hands on them.

    Anyway, I made this recipe not long ago. Stop by if you want to see the post.



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